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A 1,400-mile walk across the length and breadth of England to raise awareness of environmental issues has reached its conclusion in Berwick.

Eve Carnall, who has walked the vast majority of the route, dragged her aching limbs into the town on the last leg from Holy Island on Monday.

“I’m feeling a mixture of joy and relief right now,” said Eve, her walking boots just about completely worn through. “Looking back though, I’ve loved and cherished the whole adventure.”

On its four-month journey the Buzz Tour has visited people protecting the environment and shared their stories and inspiration.

From beekeepers to anti-fracking groups, divestment campaigns to permaculture the tour has learnt from people taking action. The wide range of projects and ideas are then explained on the website at

In Berwick, she visited the community trust to find out more about its wind turbine project.

“I started in Totness four months ago and since then have walked to Bristol, Norwich, Manchester, Leeds and York before finally finishing in Berwick,” said Eve, who quit her job two years ago to campaign on environmental issues.

During the walk people shared their skills for free in a ‘walking university’ running courses and sessions as diverse as property law and mindfulness. By sharing the inspiration, skills and stories of others the group hopes to speed up action and reach caring people who might feel alone at the moment.

Eve, who founded the Buzz Tour, explained: “I wanted to talk to people about climate change but didn’t want it to be about me putting my message across.

“By showing the huge range of things that people are doing I hope we can show support for each other in our many diverse actions.

“Along the way I’ve met people involved in direct action against fracking to community groups tackling their own renewable energy projects, co-operatives and even someone who has got their first allotment.

“It shows we are not alone in wanting a habitable planet for our children, in fact there are billions of us.

“It just keeps amazing me how people are managing to find the courage to do what they believe is right, despite all the challenges in their lives. People with disabilities, financial problems, dependants, devoting their time to the future of their community.”

Seventeen people walked with Eve along the way, including Miranda Shaw and Samer Bakr who each did a month apiece.

Dressed in black and amber stripes adorned with a pair of wings, Eva’s efforts have certainly not gone unnoticed.

“I’ve had quite a few funny looks and plenty of quips from passers-by along the way,” she admitted.

“The funniest moment for me so far was when we went for a swim in the Thames and the bank looked solid enough, but one of us sunk in past the knees and just toppled over!

“On a more serious note though, I’ve also helped to raise awareness of some of the important environmental challenges we face.”




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