Wark turbine plan set for green light

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Plans for a 47-metre tall wind turbine at Wark Common could get the green light next week despite objections from 21 local residents.

Northumberland County Council’s planning committee is being recommended to approve the application on Tuesday night.

Straker-Smith Farms has submitted a fresh application after its original planning permission for a 71-metre turbine was quashed by judicial review.

Permission is also being sought for a temporary lattice steel met mast to measure wind speeds for up to two years.

Joe Nugent, senior planning officer, reports: “The benefits of renewable energy outweigh potential adverse impacts in terms of landscape character and visual amenity of the area.”

However, concerns have been raised by Carham and Cornhill parish councils about the adverse impact on the landscape, residents and tourism.

Joan Thomas from Wark said: “This proposal may be scaled down but it remains a highly visible blot on the local landscape.”

The committee is also expected to call for a site visit to Felkington Farm, near Norham, where a pair of 34.5-metre tall turbines are proposed.

The application was deferred at the January meeting because the comments of Duddo Parish Council had not been taken into account.

The parish council wants councillors to make a site visit so they can judge what impact the turbines would have on the Duddo Stones, taking into account the permission granted on appeal for a turbine at Shoreswood (see page 4).

John Dowsett, principal planning officer, reports: “Members should visit the application site and the Duddo Stones monument in order to make an informed decision on the application.”

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