VIDEO: West End flooding update

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Alleviating the threat of flooding in the West End of Tweedmouth remains on Northumberland County Council’s ‘to do’ list, after the authority promised residents in February that something would be done.

The assurances came following flooding in the area last December, when the biggest storm surge for over half a century hit Britian’s east coast.

Flood inspection at the slipway in Tweedmouth

Flood inspection at the slipway in Tweedmouth

Drainage issues in Tweedmouth’s West End exacerbated the problem and several homes were flooded.

Keen to get things moving to fix the drains and see flood gates installed, Berwick Town Councillor Alex Gibson showed county council representatives the issues at the slipway first hand on Friday.

He said: “Louise Hayward, routine maintenance manager, and Terry Garnick NEAT (neighbourhood environmental action team) manager came to have a look. They want to find a solution for a flood gate and they have got concerns about the drains.

“They’ve had a look now and I know they’ve got a meeting scheduled with the county council’s coastal flood risk manager to discuss it, so we’ll wait and see what happens now.”

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