VIDEO - Scott Rae receives long service goblet for long service to Berwick Riders’ Association

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The former chairman of Berwick Riders’ Association was presented with a long service award prior to the Riding of the Bounds.

Mayor of Berwick Isabel Hunter presented Scott Rae with a goblet on behalf of the association as thanks for his efforts over the last 30 years.

Scott said: “I started a small committee 30 years ago and have just carried on ever since. I stepped down as chairman last year but I’m still on the committee and still riding.

“It’s nice to be riding the bounds with my grand-daughter Caitlin. We’ll just go out there and enjoy it.”

However, Scott was only going to manage half of the 15-mile course.

“I’ve got an appointment at Wansbeck General Hospital for a scan on my leg this afternoon but I couldn’t let (chief marshal) Ed down.”




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