VIDEO: Islanders fear accidents on tidal causeway

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Visitors to Holy Island are being urged to take extreme care when crossing the tidal causeway over the next few weeks.

Large pools of standing water remain on the road - even at low tide - and there has been a significant build-up of wind blown sand which make it difficult to make out road markings and reduces the road to single carriageway in places.

The combination makes for hazardous driving conditions, especially at night, and has sparked concern among islanders with the busy Easter period looming.

Geoff Porter, editor of the Holy Island Times ezine, said: “If there is water on the road when you cross to the island please be very careful.

“Not only can it obscure jetsam and potholes but salt water spraying under your vehicle is extremely corrosive.

“Brake pipes and brake discs are particularly vulnerable but corroded engine sumps and fuel tanks are not uncommon.

“Were you thinking of impressing your family with the bow wave of your speeding vehicle, please spare a thought to the one you may be splashing.”

The build up of sand has been particularly problematic on the northern side of the causeway near The Snook.

Northumberland County Council and representatives from the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve have investigated options and agreed in principle to a drainage scheme and for the water grips within the saltmarsh to be cleared.

A council spokesman said: “The scheme involves a ditch running to the north and parallel to the causeway.

“The intention is this will trap windblown sand and assist in removing surface water from the causeway, which has been causing some concern to local residents. We intend to keep access to the road open while the works are going on.

“We are proceeding with caution as the area is a National Nature Reserve. The council’s ecologists are carrying out a Habitat Regulation Assessment to allow the works to proceed and permission is needed from Natural England.”

Upon completion of the assessment, a final design will be agreed and the project implemented.

The works are planned for late March, depending on weather and tidal conditions.

The issue is due to be discussed at Northumberland County Council’s north area committee on Monday, March 10 at 6pm in Ancroft Village Hall.




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