VIDEO: Car smashes into butcher shop

Waiting for Video...

Shoppers narrowly escaped injury when a car smashed through the window of Fairbairn’s butcher shop in Berwick this morning.

The driver of a Jaguar had been exiting Church Street when he met a Vauxhall Astra coming around the corner from Hide Hill on to Marygate and lost control of his car.

Both drivers were shocked but neither was seriously hurt.

Witness Amy Thompson said: “I saw the whole thing happen as I walked up Hide Hill. The car just took off through the butcher’s window. I’m lucky to be standing here now, I was just yards away from it.”

David Shields who works in Fairbairn’s said: “I just heard this noise - what a crack! He’s tried to squeeze between a car and the shop, taken out the window, and gone through some of the brickwork on the shop front.”

Police closed the street to traffic while they investigated the accident and cleared the debris.




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