Twin turbines at Murton set to receive green light

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Plans for a pair of 46-metre tall wind turbines are being recommended for approval by officers at Northumberland County Council.

The application by Maden Eco Ltd for land near Murton White House Farm, near Ancroft, is due to be determined by the council’s planning and environment committee on Tuesday.

The idea has split local opinion with 69 letters of objection, including one from Ord Parish Council, expressing concerns about the visual impact, noise, effect on tourism and wildlife.

Garry Beaumont of neighbouring Murton White House said: “We are concerned that the proposed turbines would constitute a further reduction to our visual amenity and to our tranquillity and enjoyment of local walks.

“They would be alien structures in a beautiful rural environment.

“It seems that at almost every turn wind turbines of one description or another are now visible. The current proposal would further aggravate this.”

However, there have also been 52 letters of support citing the environmental importance of renewable energy.

Barbara Bloomfield of Prior Road in Tweedmouth, said: “I am all in favour of the production of green energy and can see no problem with the siting of these particular turbines. I regularly walk in this area and look forward to seeing them up and running.”

Planning officer Joe Nugent, in a report to members, states that views of the turbines from the A1 and A698 would be limited.

He also considers the proposal could be accommodated within the local and broader landscape without significant adverse impact.

Mr Nugent writes: “Northumberland has a strong and established tourism business and a number of letters of objection have raised concerns regarding the potential impact of the proposed wind turbines on tourism.

“At this location it is considered there are a range of tourist attractions and receptors rather than a singular focal destination.

“The proposed turbines would occupy a small portion of a broad open landscape and views of the turbines would be limited due to their scale, topography of the area and existing mature vegetation.

“The potential benefits of renewable energy from a sustainable source are sufficient to outweigh the potential impact on the local landscape and visual and residential amenity. It is therefore recommended that planning permission be granted.”

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