Traffic counters installed on U34 road to Detchant

The road into Detchant which is used by HGVs.

The road into Detchant which is used by HGVs.

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Belford Parish Council is calling for counters monitoring traffic movement along the U34 Detchant road to stay in situ for at least a month.

Traffic counters have been placed on U34 to monitor the movement of articulated lorries travelling to Bedmax, which residents say are making their lives a misery.

The road has deteriorated in recent years due to the constant stream of HGVs carrying timber to the industrial plant, which produces horse bedding.

Northumberland County Council put traffic counters there earlier this month. But some Detchant residents have raised concerns that the number of HGVs travelling on the U34 to Detchant had significantly decreased since the counters were installed.

One resident told Belford Parish Council: “Last week when the counters went down there was a definite running down of traffic movement.”

He said the stock pile of wood at Bedmax had greatly diminished in recent weeks, and added: “I’m concerned as to whether the county council are getting a true representation.”

Chairing the discussion, Parish Council vice chair Geoff O’Connell said: “I think we should write to the county council and ask that the counters remain in place for a minimum of a month, in order to get as accurate a picture as possible.”

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