Toilets spruced up for the summer

The public toilet block at Spittal promenade

The public toilet block at Spittal promenade

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Refurbishment work at public toilets on Holy Island and Bamburgh has been carried out in time for the peak visitor season.

The work has comprised mainly of re-decoration and the renewal of fixtures and fittings such as toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, air fresheners and hand dryers.

Northumberland County Council’s contractors, ESH Facilities, carried out the work over the past month.

Work has been completed at Green Lane on Holy Island, while the fittings at Bamburgh are done with roof works postponed until September. At Alnwick Shambles, work has begun and will be completed by the end of August.

The public toilets at Spittal have also been redecorated and upgraded and the council is keen to work alongside Berwick Deserves Better on potential improvements to the Castlegate and Magdalene Fields toilets in Berwick.

A letter posted on Berwick Deserves Better’s facebook site, Paul Jones, head of waste management, said: “The five public toilets in Berwick are unattended public toilets, opened and closed by NEAT staff or self-closing in the case of the superloos. The council is also considering extending opening hours of these facilities by entering into key holding arrangements with communities or the placement of timed door locks.

“The council believes that a range of public toilet facilities should be considered that are accessible and meet a minimum standard for all public toilets. We are therefore undertaking a phased countywide refurbishment programme, working with local councils and communities to seek to improve facilities we have.

“In Berwick we have already redecorated and upgraded the Spittal facility, we have the two superloos on a long term maintenance contract with the supplying company.

“We are exploring options for the future upgrading of the Castlegate and Magdalene field toilet blocks and would welcome the support of the Berwick Deserves Better (BDB) campaign to achieve our objectives and my colleague Louise Hayward is making arrangements to meet with the local councillors and a representative of Berwick Deserves Better to talk through these and some of the other issues that have been raised.

“I can assure you that Northumberland County Council is committed to making the whole of the county a better place in which to live, work and visit and will continue to work in partnership with community, voluntary and other organisations to achieve the best outcomes and provide the best standards of service possible within the current difficult financial climate.”

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