Till restoration plan update

The River Till at Etal

The River Till at Etal

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The project officer for the River Till Restoration Strategy has said she would like to see some capital works done this season.

Speaking to Wooler Parish Council, project officer Tracy Hill told members that the strategy, which was published last year, was now in the early implementation stages. “The term restoration, in terms of the strategy, is looking at restoring the natural function of the river as far as possible,” she said

“But, it’s a working river landscape and any restoration measures have to be taken in balance with what people living and working by the river need, so restoration does not adversely effect a flood risk for example, or have a negative impact on productivity of farmers using adjacent land.”

It is unclear when any actual work will begin, as this will depend on a number of factors including conversations with land owners. But Ms Hill said: “Hopefully we will get some bank works done, and a management plan for the lower Wooler water.”

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