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AS we begin a New Year many people are asked to undertake roles of leadership. Drawing up programmes and agendas for the following year.

There will be many who have undertaken a role of leadership for some time and feel it is time to let someone else take the lead. This is not always easy.

Good leadership motivates and mobilises others to accomplish a task, to have vision, integrity and skill. Jesus said: “Whoever would be first among you must be servant of all”.

He was explaining his style of leadership in relation to the domineering method most of us have seen in the world.

James and John asked Jesus if he would grant them the privilege of sitting on his right and left hands in his kingdom. Jesus explained that their philosophy of leadership was not to be based on that of the world and its ways.

“The one who rules” , “should be like the one who serves.” Greatness in God’s sight is not found in how many people serve the leader but rather in how faithfully the leader serves others. Servant leaders are not leaders simply because of their position or role, but rather they are led according to their calling, vision and principles.

There are leaders in our country who are faced with these difficult decisions, leaders in our community, leaders in our church, and leaders in our organisations, we need to pray for all of these leaders as we move into a new year especially those faced with difficult decision, that their leadership will be motivated by God, and not aimless wandering. That it will allow vision and process to work hand in hand with spiritual guidance. Then it will be blessed and be for the benefit of others.


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