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“Cast all your anxiety on him.” - 1 Peter 5:7

Many people suffer from the effects of anxiety, causing worry, stress and depression to dominate their lives. Inner peace cannot be found until they turn to God and hand over their worries and concerns to Him. The Booko of Philippians 4:6 reads “Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplications wiht thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”

It is so easy to leave them with God, but our human nature can cause us to take them back, leaving us burdened once again.

Why would God be willing to accept our anxiety?

“Becaue he cares for you” - 23rd Psalm for Busy People.

The Lord is my Peace Maker, I shall not rush, He makes me stop and rest for quiet intervals, He provides me with images of stillness, which restore my serenity. He leads me in ways of efficiency, through calmness of mind.

And His guidance is peace. Even though I have a great many things to accomplish each day I will not fret, for his presence is here. His timlessness, His all importance will keep me in balance. He prepares refreshmetn and renewal in the midst of my activity by annointing my mind with His oils of tranquility. My cup of joyous energy overflows. Surely harmony and effectiveness shall be the fruits of my hours: For I shall walk in the presence of my Lord, and dwell in HIs house for ever -Toki Miyashina


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