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ALL the party conferences are well past now and so is the anniversary of what happened at one of them in the 1980s when the IRA planted a bomb which blew up the Brighton hotel where all the Tories were staying, including Mrs Thatcher.

The ‘Iron Lady’ survived, but some were badly hurt and there were fatalities, among them an MP, Anthony Berry.

I was much struck recently by an interview given jointly by his daughter and the former IRA man who had planted the bomb. She had made it her business to forgive and he, his to seek forgiveness.

It puts me in mind of ‘The Railway Man’, Eric Lomax, from Berwick, who has just died, aged 93.

He made that journey from hatred of his Japanese captors to forgiveness and his message has been seen in all the papers: ‘The hatred has to stop’.

Forgiveness is the key.


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