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A Lucker writer and farmer’s wife is once again bringing characters to life with her latest book.

‘Secrets at Rosehill’, sequel to paranormal romance ‘Discovery at Rosehill’ by Kathryn Brown, is released in both paperback and e-book on Monday (June 2)

Having lived and worked on Hoppen Hall Farm, a rural sheep and arable farm, with her husband James and daughter Amy for the past 13 years, Kathryn knows all about the trials and tribulations of country life. Her books bring to life the characters, social issues and day to day occurrences of village life.

‘Secrets at Rosehill is Kathryn’s fourth novel. Previous works include ‘Bedknobs & Batchelors’, ‘Nightingale Woods’, and of course ‘Discovery at Rosehill’, which is reviewed on Amazon as “spine tingly good” and “the best book I’ve read in ages”.

“I’ve been writing stories since being a young girl, and have always been fascinated by anything paranormal,” Kathryn explained. “Discovery at Rosehill, my first book, is based on the farm and it did quite well.

“I lived through the characters for a long time which is why I decided to write this sequel and give them another opportunity to showcase their interesting lives, including ghostly goings-on and romantic encounters.”

The book is written from two characters’ points of view and focuses on some difficult communication between spiritual and earth planes, together with too many secrets being kept under one roof.

Kathryn said: “I wanted to give Marcus a voice in this book; he is the new husband of main character Camilla, and even though their marriage is particularly strong, cracks begin to appear as trust issues arise.

“I’ve learned a lot from all my books about dialogue and plotting and the importance of bringing a story to life through good description and meticulous characterisation. Camilla is a medium with a kind heart as well as being a woman of substance.”

Kathryn already has a big following on the internet courtesy of her blog Crystal Jigsaw, with average page views of over 700 per day, together with a strong presence on social media including Twitter and Facebook.

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