Stanks parking restrictions set to get the green light

Stanks parking.

Stanks parking.

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PLANS to introduce parking restrictions next to the Stanks football pitch in Berwick look set to get the green light despite concerns from the neighbouring bowling club.

Officers at Northumberland County Council say the narrow road leading from the Cow Port to Magdalene Fields Golf Club is one of the few areas close to the town centre with unrestricted free parking and, as a result, can become congested.

Berwick Bowling Club has voiced strong objections to the proposal because it would leave members and visitors, many of whom are elderly and struggle to walk very far, with nowhere to park. They agree that restrictions of some kind are needed but only in certain areas and that parking should be permitted for four hours next to the club entrance.

However, officers say whilst this type of restriction has been imposed in other areas, such as Castlegate and Castle Terrace, they are more than twice the width of Golf Course Road, as it is formally known, which makes it too narrow to safely introduce bays of any kind.

Instead they are recommending approval of a ‘no waiting at any time’ restriction. The original proposal has been reduced in length to a point just beyond the end of the bowling club wall following consultation and further discussion with Coun Brian Douglas who will pay for the scheme from his members’ fund.

Berwick Town Council shared the road safety concerns but offered its support to the plan on the provision that the restrictions were implemented on the west side only. However, while this option would prevent damage to the verge and improve access through Cow Port, planners say it would not address issues beyond that point.

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