Spittal ‘needs help to solve its problems’

Flower boat at Spittal Point

Flower boat at Spittal Point

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Volunteers who led Spittal to an award at the Northumbria In Bloom competition are becoming disheartened by a lack of support.

An appeal has been made for helpers and assistance in an attempt to reduce vandalism and dog fouling.

Mau Watkins, vice chairman of Spittal Improvement Trust, told Berwick Rotary Club that there had been a disappointing turn out from the public for their spring fair.

She said a small group had worked hard to stage it and wondered if it was worth continuing. She explained that although herself and Sheila Heckles, the team leaders, were frequently told that they were doing a great job, when it came to helping out there was little support.

She revealed that daffodil heads had been pulled off and flowers uprooted in the gardens outside Shiel & Morrison Printers and at the ornamental boat on the dock road.

Elsewhere, shrubs had been pulled out and soil trampled flat. But she said there was some hope for the future, with Tweedmouth Middle School Pupils offering to look after one of the gardens.

Councillor Hazel Bettison pointed out that one of the reasons for setting up the trust nearly 20 years ago was to look after gardens that were shabby and neglected.

Coun Bettison said they did not want to return to that situation because garden plots on the main street, in the park and near the sea wall had brightened up the area and restored pride in Spittal.

In a bid to stamp out vandalism, she intends to see what can be done by the multi-agency partnership of which she is a member.

She warned that unless more support was forthcoming there is a real possibility that Spittal could become “a run down village”.

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