Seahouses lifeboats save five from rip tide

The new Shannon class lifeboat 'Jock and Annie Slater' off the coast of Seahouses.

The new Shannon class lifeboat 'Jock and Annie Slater' off the coast of Seahouses.

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Seahouses Lifeboat rescued five people from the sea off Seahouses Golf Course after a rip tide had carried them out to sea.

Just before 1pm oyesterday, the lifeboat had just returned from a PR exercise with a BBC film crew and presenter of the ‘Coast’ programme, Nicolas Crane.

It was about to be rehoused when Humber Coastguard reported that there were five people in the water off Seahouses Golf Course, and in serious difficulty.

The lifeboat was relaunched, as well as the inshore lifeboat.

The all-weather lifeboat was quickly on the scene, and managed to locate two people and pull them from the sea.

Conditions were moderate to rough inn places, with a strong, gusty wind.

The remaining three people were eventually taken aboard, and after some confusion it was established that nobody had been left in the water.

All five, four youngsters and an adult, were brought in to Seahouses harbour, where they were taken to the boathouse in the station’s Landrover.

They were treated by the Lifeboat Crew, who are all trained as casualty care medics. They were warmed with blankets, and given hot drinks.

All five were deeply shocked, very cold, and some had swallowed sea water.

The ambulance service provided a multiple response, and three of the youngsters and the adult were later taken to Wansbeck Hospital for treatment for possible hypothermia, shock and saltwater ingestion.

Seahouses Lifeboat Operations Manager Ian Clayton said: “It was very fortunate for these people, that the lifeboat was able to respond so quickly.

“Had that not been the case, we fear the outcome may have been very different.

“Several of the youngsters were suffering the effects of cold water immersion and exhaustion.”

He explained: “It seems they were washed out to sea while body boarding by a rip current, and the adult went to their aid, only to get into difficulty too.

“It serves to underline the RNLI’s current safety campaign to ‘Respect the Water’.”

He continued: “We are all relieved that none seem to have suffered any lasting effects from their alarming experience and all should make a full recovery.”

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