School transport offers for post-16 students

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Northumberland County Council has produced a guide to explain what schools and transport companies are doing to support post-16 transport.

The authority has been working with schools and Northumberland College, as well as the major bus companies to establish the best deal for students in post-16 education within the county.

Previously the council was spending over £3 million per year on free transport, which equated to an extra £24 on the council tax bill for every household in the county, on a policy that affected only 1% of residents.

Many pupils were been driven to school in taxis paid for by the council, some costing over £900 per week, and it has decided to implement a new policy with an emphasis on working together with schools and public transport companies to save public spending.

The transport offers and individual schools’ offers of support can be found on the council website at:

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