Saluting Battery could be turned into holiday cottage

The Saluting Battery in Berwick.                            Picture by Stuart Cobley

The Saluting Battery in Berwick. Picture by Stuart Cobley

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FEARS have been raised that a holiday cottage planned for Berwick Quayside could be susceptible to flooding.

Businessman William Leith, through his development company Royal Carlton Estates, has submitted plans to convert the former Saluting Battery into a one bedroom holiday unit.

The property, currently used for storage, is located directly below the Quay Walls and adjacent to the Elizabethan ramparts with superb views over the Tweed estuary.

Berwick Town Council’s planning committee had no objection in principle but members felt that if the application was to be accepted then there should be adequate defences for the Flood Level 3 area adjacent to the frontage and that the opportunity should be taken to bring the access road up to a suitable standard.

Local resident Peter Thomas added: “You can’t blame the developer for wanting to make money out of the site but he is asking for trouble on a flood plain, especially 10 or 20 years down the line if sea levels rise as has been predicted.”

However, the developer says that no concerns were raised by the Environment Agency during pre-application consultation.

Architect Steven Kirk, in a report to Northumberland County Council. states: “The agency confirmed that as the proposal is located primarily in Flood Zone 1 it will not be necessary to raise the internal floor level of the building.

“Such an approach would not have been practical with the constraints of the existing building including its relationship with the adjacent Scheduled Ancient Monument (the town walls).”

He added: “The conversion can be effected with minimal impact upon the structure of the building.”

A final decision will be taken by county councillors.

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