Rusting benches on town ramparts to be removed

Stepped bench on the town wall is set for removal

Stepped bench on the town wall is set for removal

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THE pair of multi-tiered benches that have provided a lookout over the Tweed estuary at Berwick for so many years are to be removed.

They have been deemed structurally unsound and are to be removed by English Heritage in the near future. They will be put in storage at Northumberland County Council’s depot awaiting restoration.

Sue Finch, clerk of Berwick Town Council, explained: “The two multi-storey seats at Fishers Fort are popular but they are extremely dangerous. The metalwork underneath them is completely corroded.

“They have deteriorated over the years and have now been deemed structurally unsound so in the interests of safety they will be removed and will be restored as soon as possible.”

She also revealed that there was disagreement between English Heritage and Northumberland County Council over ownership of the seats on the Elizabethan Ramparts.

Whilst the county council is responsible for the maintenance of seats around the town, it insists that English Heritage, as managers of the town walls, should be responsible for the 33 seats dotted around them.

“That conversation has gone round in circles for some time now but in the meantime the condition of a number of those seats is getting worse,” she told members of the town council’s environment and regeneration committee.

Mayor John Robertson suggested the town council take them under its remit when it takes over responsibility for the rest of the town’s 306 seats.

He said: “At the end of the day, they are deteriorating badly and we’re probably in the best position to ensure they are properly maintained.”

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