Residents kick up a stink over Castlegate toilets

Castlegate public toilets.

Castlegate public toilets.

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Berwick residents have taken to Facebook to air their disgust and embarrassment at the state of the public toilets on Castlegate.

Several spoke of human waste on the floor, leaking pipes and no paper towels during the recent Easter holidays - the traditional start of the town’s tourist season.

Janet Stewart, posting on Berwick Deserves Better, said: “The Castlegate toilets were in a disgusting state last week, with leaking pipes and general mess everywhere.

“This week was even worse, with human muck on the floor, and no paper towels to clean it off my shoes.

“And for these conditions they want 20 pence. Wake up, this is no way to treat the residents of the town, the tourists, or your staff.”

She added: “This is no criticism of the lady who cleans the toilets in Castlegate car park, she can’t be everywhere, as she has to walk between those toilets, the ones at the golf course, and the ones at Spittal, to clean them all. I think this is a disgrace for this to be expected of one person, and she is expected to pick litter too!”

Janet Jeffrey said: “I was actually ashamed to be a local.

“Holidaymakers had just used them on their way back to the camp, and they were stating not too quietly to friends about the state of these toilets.

“What a let down, complaints at the start of the season, dread to think the state them toilets will be in at the end, bring back the woman who kept them clean and make us proud of our town and facilities.”

The public toilets at Magdalene Fields were also recently vandalised.

Meanwhile, Irene Windram praised the improved condition of the Seahouses public toilets, also badly vandalised last year.

She said: “There are about eight ladies toilets all free and spotless, what a difference.”

Berwick Deserves Better committee members said they would take the matter up at their next meeting.

The group takes its views to Berwick Town Council.

Northumberland County Council said it was ‘unfortunate’ the Castlegate facilities had been abused.

A spokesperson said: “In line with many other councils across the country we have to continually review the way services are provided, to make sure that resources are used in the most efficient way.

“We have updated the way the toilets are looked after in Berwick, but are confident that this offers a more consistent service to all of the town’s public toilets.

“We will consider these comments but would also say that it is unfortunate that some users of the public toilets choose to abuse the facilities.”

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