Residents cry foul over dog dirt problems

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Berwick residents have taken to facebook to vent their disgust about the amount of dog dirt littering pavements around the town.

More than 40 comments have been left on the Berwick Deserves Better site in the week since residents were asked to name the worst-hit areas.

The volume of complaints about routes on the way to schools at Tweedmouth West, Prior Park, Scremerston and Kiln Hill Pre-School has been of particular concern.

Hazel Boyd wrote: “Ladywell Rd/Place is disgusting, outside Tweedmouth West First School too.

“It’s that bad my son’s class have all written letters to the council.”

Lisa Dixon added: “It’s a bad job when you walk to school and are having to tell your four- year-old to watch out for dogs poo. It’s beyond a joke.”

And Stephanie Adelson commented: “Scremerston First School right on the corner on the path, the kids call it pooh corner!”

Other problem areas south of the river include Spittal Prom, Shielfield Terrace, Eastcliffe, Highcliffe, Spittal Hall, Dock Road, Kiln Hill, Hawthorn Crescent, Braeside, Prior Road and Cemetery Lane

North of the river, the likes of the Elizabethan Walls, Newfields, Summerhill Terrace, North Road and Ravensdowne come in for criticism.

Caroline Morrice said: “What annoys me most is that the walls have loads of bins so it shows you it’s not lack of bins or bags that are the problem.”

Northumberland County Council says more staff are being given the powers to issue fixed penalty notices to irresponsible dog owners.

Councillor Dave Ledger, deputy leader, said: “The council’s local services group has made tackling dog fouling and other environmental crimes a top priority and is increasing the number of its frontline staff that can issue fixed penalty notices.

“Dog fouling hotspots are being targeted across Northumberland all year round to ensure the small minority of dog walkers who continue to break environmental laws are caught. We issued 81 fixed penalty notices last year.

“Money raised from an upsurge in enforcement activity is now being put to a good cause funding the council’s 2014 dog rescue calendar.”

Dog fouling had also been an issue in Ancroft but leaflets distributed to all homes seems to have helped the problem.

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