Red Squirrel Watch surveys to begin year of awareness

red squirrel

red squirrel

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RED Squirrel Watch is preparing this year’s ‘awareness calendar’ in aid of the endangered creature.

If you would like RSW representatives to come to your village show or fete, to give a talk on the plight of the squirrel, this is that chance.

Already, RSW has confirmed they will appear at the Borders Organic Gardeners Show on March 3 in Kelso.

Red Squirrel Watch, like many volunteers in red squirrel conservation, are putting up feeders ready for their squirrel surveys which take place in March and April over a six week period.

The feeders are baited and sticky pads applied under the lid of the feeder.

About every two weeks the feeders are monitored, pads removed and replaced and the feeders rebaited.

The hairs collected are sent away to determine which type of squirrel has visited the feeder.

All the results are collated and this will give a picture of where squirrels are during these months.

If you would like to volunteer, or need more information, you can e-mail or go to the RSST and the RSNE websites or ring Karen on 01750 23446 .

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