Rail quiz raises vital funds for Berwick CAB

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BERWICK Citizens Advice Bureau has drawn the winners of its recent fundraising prize quiz which has been on sale in 18 different outlets across the district. Only 20 completed entry forms were returned, reflecting the difficulty of the questions.

The children’s quiz consisted of 10 questions, the solutions to which were the name of railway stations which are easy to get to from Berwick. Prizes were awarded to the three children who got all of the questions correct.

The other side of the quiz sheet was harder and aimed at ‘very clever adults’, the answers being names of railway stations anywhere in Britain. Thirteen forms were returned but only two got all the 
answers right and they too got prizes.

Joan Lawson from Norham, who came up with the idea whilst on a train journey, said: “I used to see stations such as Bat and Ball and Nailsea and Backwell whilst visiting family members and often wondered where these names came from. I knew Berwick CAB, as a charity, has been struggling for funding and thought this would be an unusual way of helping them.”

Around £150 has been raised which will help pay for increasing running costs such as sending volunteer advisers on training courses, phone and postage charges.

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