Race is on to give Gemma her independence

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A fundraising drive to get new wheels for an independent-minded Tweedmouth woman with mobility issues is gathering apace.

Around £3,000 is needed to kit out 28-year-old Gemma Law, who suffers from cerebral palsey, with a motorised scooter to replace her limiting wheelchair.

“An electric scooter would make a massive difference to my life,” Gemma said. “When I’ve wanted to go to town my mum has pushed me in the wheel chair, but she’s got MD now and can’t do it anymore, and my dad’s getting older.

“An electric scooter would mean I could do things on my own.”

Keen to help Gemma gain her independence, family friend and Brown Bear landlady Susan Wakenshaw launched the fundraising bid to buy Gemma’s new wheels.

“It was Susan’s idea to start fundraising for it,” Gemma explained. “We started talking about it last year but didn’t really do anything about it, then about a month ago she said ‘right, we’re going to go for it’.”

“Sometimes the only way you can get things is to go out and make it happen,” Susan said. “I just wanted to help out, and give Gemma a bit more independence.

“We’ve been fundraising for about a month now and we’re getting there. We got off to a fantastic start because someone donated £1000 anonymously, which was brilliant.

“Everybody in Berwick has been amazing with raffle prizes and things too, they’ve been tremendous. I think it’s because Gemma does a lot in the town, everyone knows her and she supports a lot of the things that go on, which I think is why people want to support her.”

There will be a quiz night and a karaoke competition at The Brown Bear next week in aid of the fund, and Gemma and her family are also doing their bit.

“I thought I would help the cause so I am doing a sponsored swim of the distance from my house in Tweedmouth to the Brown Bear,” Gemma said.

The distance, 1.1 miles, equates to 71 lengths of the local pool. “I’ve been twice and have done 46 lengths already, so I’ve got just 24 to go, and my brother and his friend, who both work at Jus Rol, are going to die their hair, either bright green or bright pink.

“They’re waiting until after the bank holiday though because my brother’s got a Christening to go to and didn’t think he’d fit in very well with luminous hair!”

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