Party in the Park partners

Wooler High Street in the summertime.

Wooler High Street in the summertime.

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After the success of the last Party in the Park event, which marked the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it has been decided to invite partners from the wider community for a repeat of the event.

Councillors decided that it would be worthwhile hosting another such event. This conclusion was reached after a discussion of the finances behind the event.

It was found that after the initial expenditure for “mugs and crowns and things celebrating the jubilee”, and once the organisers had claimed back their VAT, the Party in the Park had actually managed to turn a profit of £500.

It was agreed that a subcommittee be set up to look into organising the event. Councillor Alfreda Hindmarsh stressed that there was a need for other organisations to be invited into the planning of this year’s event.

Any organisations interested in helping organise Party in the Park 2014 are asked to get in touch with Wooler Parish Council.

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