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Berwick Library.

Berwick Library.

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A second book of short mystery stories by Berwick author Dr John Light has been published.

The Darckmoor Demon and Other Enigmas was released in large print format on September 1 by F A Thorpe Publishing (Ulverscroft) in their Linford Mystery Library series.

John said: “It has now joined my first collection The Enigmas of Hugo Lacklan on the shelves of large print books in Berwick Library along with my crime novel that Thorpe also published, Death on Dorado.”

In this collection, Hugo Lacklan investigates eerie howling heard from a remote fell in Northumberland in The Darckmoor Demon, and a series of deaths of small press magazine editors in The Enigma of Poetic Injustice; the startling appearance of a swift moving fungus in The Enigma of the Speeding Toadstool, the art of the Grimkin twins in Enigma of the Image; and the terrible secret of a stately home in The Ghoul of Gar Ghyll.

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