New aviary at swan shed

Patti Lomax opens the new aviary

Patti Lomax opens the new aviary

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Patti Lomax has opened a new aviary dedicated to the memory of her husband, Eric, author of the acclaimed book-turned-film ‘The Railway Man’.

Fifteen orphaned mallard ducks were the first occupants of Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust’s aviary at the David Rollo Centre.

Patti said that her husband loved hedgehogs and the new aviary is multi purpose as it has housing for hedgehogs, boxes for owls and a large undercover area with branches to offer shelter to any type of recuperating birds.

A ‘water feature’ for wading and water birds has been added, so the aviary will be a very useful additional facility.

It is virtually a mirror image of the aviary that was built with donations in memory of David Rollo, the trust’s founder vet. Both of these aviaries have been built on a strip of land that was acquired by a previous chairman, Barrie Mortimer.

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