More sightings of UFO

MORE sightings of a possible UFO in the Berwick area earlier this month have been reported on a specialist website.

It follows a posting made on and reported in the Berwick Advertiser last week about a bright orange light being seen in the skies above Tweedmouth on May 9.

Mark Charlton has now reported seeing the same mystery object from St Bartholomew's Crescent in Spittal around 10.30pm that day.

He said: "Me and my wife were standing on our conservatory steps when we saw an orange ball coming towards us from the Prior Park direction.

"It came over our house and then went out to sea and changed direction rapidly but smoothly to go south. It was travelling about the speed of a training RAF jet but there was no noise at all .

Another report was submitted by 'Garry' who saw something unusual at Foulden at 2.10am.

He said: "I was travelling home from work on the Chirnside to Berwick road and as approaching Foulden was distracted by a large white light travelling at a constant speed roughly about the height a helicopter usually travels.

"I first thought it may of been a plane but the light was too large for this plus there were no coloured flashing lights that a plane or helicopter has so ruled them out.

"I then thought it was a shooting star but this object was travelling too slowly and shooting stars are much smaller in size."

He continued: "I was reluctant to submit my posting until there were further sightings posted in the Berwick Advertiser but these sightings were of an orange light although this may be due to the fact of the street lights in Berwick.

"I saw the object only for about 20-30 seconds until it went out of view travelling towards Ayton direction. I then travelled through Foulden until there was more open viewing again but there were no other sightings."

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