Luxury homes plan in Beadnell suffers setback

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Housing developers admit their hopes of building luxury homes on the seafront in Beadnell have been dashed - in the short term at least.

Beadnell Parish Council has turned down an approach from County Life Homes to discuss the feasibility of building on the Haven.

The company had also hoped to find out that sort of development might be appropriate for the site and possibly come to some agreement on a proposal.

However, the parish council decided that having a private meeting with a developer was against its principles of openness and transparency.

County Life Homes still hope the development will go ahead at some point but, due to the level of opposition, admit that realistically it will be a few years before this happens.

Plans for three luxury homes at The Haven and White Rock were rejected by Northumberland County Council’s north area planning committee in 2011.

However, the Save Beadnell Association were later thwarted in their bid to prevent any further development when their application to have The Haven and White Rock sites designated as village greens was refused.

Jim Norriss of the Save Beadnell Association believes developers are keen to get plans through before the proposed creation of a neighbourhood planl. This will give local people the opportunity to voice their preferences on housing plans for the area.

Mr Norris explained: “Those of us who have been active these past three or four years in preventing building on our coastline are confident that the great majority of residents will express their views to this very fact.

“It’s not that long ago that we got around 2,600 signatures against any building on the village coast.

“If this proves to be the case, and building on the coastline is considered a no go area then this will be included in the neighbourhood plan.

“That will make it virtually impossible for would-be developers to even try to apply in ‘no go’ areas as the relevant planning departments will be bound by it.”

The original application to build the homes was made by the Beadnell Harbour Fishermen’s Society in order to guarantee the survival of the harbour. Objectors say housing on the coast is not the solution.

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