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Berwick Sailing Club prizegiving 1988.

Berwick Sailing Club prizegiving 1988.

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10 years ago

More than 80 delegates from a cross-section of the community met this week to sign up to the new Berwick Local Strategic Partnership, the body which will oversee plans to improve the quality of life for borough residents.

Berwick will have access to an initial £1.3 million pot from which to deliver its three year strategy, as well as the possibility of re-directing funds from major agencies such as health and education.The public have the chance to review the plan in September.

25 years ago

Seven acres of industrial land will be created as a result of the major reclamation scheme which began at Tweedmouth last week.

Northumberland County Council Press Officer Mr Colin Heathcote said that the land would eventually be available for the building of small factories and it was a logical extension of the existing Tweedmouth trading estate.

The work will open out an area where the railway embankment has been a feature for over 100 years.

50 years ago

Berwick would stand to gain if part of the Magdalene Fields was developed for housing purposes, say Northumberland County planners. At the same time, they believe that care must be taken to ensure that the open character of this area, overlooking the sea, must not be spoilt.

As a result, they have decided to prepare a comprehensive plan, in the new Town Map, for the whole of the coastal area to the east of the town.

100 years ago

The Medical Officer reported that on account of the large number of cases of measles in the Beadnell school district it had been necessary to keep the school closed until the 24th.

In the early hours of Saturday morning an outbreak of fire occurred at the farm of Sea View, Scremerston. Berwick Fire Brigade was called out about eight o’clock and were promptly on their way with the manual, there being not enough water for a steamer.

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