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Spittal variety group staging Cinderella in 1988

Spittal variety group staging Cinderella in 1988

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10 years ago

MILLIONS of pounds of National Lottery cash may be used to prevent a Raphael masterpiece from being sold abroad by the Duke of Northumberland.

The duke defended his decision to sell the 500 year-old painting ‘Madonna of the Pinks’ in Los Angeles for £35 million, unless the National Gallery can match the offer.

The oil painting had been dismissed as a copy until infrared tests were undertaken at Alnwick Castle in 1991.

25 years ago

HIGHFIELDS United Football Club and the Edwards Ward Residents Association , who propose to build changing rooms, social facilities and a bowling green on the area’s playing fields have been told to raise the cash themselves.

BERWICK’S municipal golf course, Magdalene Fields, cost ratepayers over £34,000 this year, A suggestion it would be cheaper to hand over to the local golf club drew angry responses from the chief executive.

50 years ago

A PUBLIC inquiry into Berwick’s water undertaking is to be held. The controversy over the town’s water, and its future ownership has been simmering for many months now.

FARMERS of the Berwick and Borders NFU decided at their meeting that they are not in favour of a passenger seat on tractors.

They approved a motion that provision be made for a man to stand and hold on to fitted handlebars.

100 years ago

BENEFITS under the Insurance Act are due to be paid on the 22nd of this month, but there is no rush of applicants at Berwick Labour Exchange.

UNSUNG, and almost unhonoured, the much-debated joint water scheme of Berwick was transformed from Utopian dream to a materialist thing of the present.

Councillor Peter Cowe cut the first sod of the new borehole at the Tower Water Works, Tweedmouth.

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