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10 years ago

A Berwick Development Trust could be established as the next stage in the borough’s regeneration process.

The idea was floated at a meeting emtitled ‘ Taking the Borough Forward’, held at the borough council last week to discuss the next step after the regeneration partnership committee stood down at the annual general meeting in September.

The development trust would be responsible for delivering targets set by the area’s Local Strategic Plan.

25 years ago

Drawing to the end of its first month in existence, Berwick’s Job Club, based at the Tweed View Hotel, has been successful in finding employment for three local people within the area.

Job Club leader, Dave Atkin, described the success stories as ‘very encouraging’, particularly as all posts were filled by males over 40 who often find it difficult to get back into employment.

The jobs are a receptionist, a factory checker, and a municipal worker.

50 years ago

A film had its northern premier in Tweedmouth on Tuesday. It was the £30,000 specially-made film ‘To Janet a Son’ and it was shown to 110 members of the Spittal Hall Community Association.

Also present, as their guests, were 20 members of the Tweedmouth Mothers’ Club.

Attendance at North Sunderland Primary School have been cut almost in half because of an epidemic of mumps and chicken pox.

100 years ago

Quantities of ice have been floating down the Tweed within the past few days and carried out to sea.

The 18th annual concert of the Berwick branches of the Orphan Fund of the Amalgamate Society of Railway Servants took place in the Queen’s Rooms when there was a large attendance.

The slippery roads have been the means of causing pedestrians to see “stars” in the day time.

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