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Longridge Towers School perform "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in 1987.

Longridge Towers School perform "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in 1987.

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10 years ago

A Seahouses fishing boat has returned to its home port for the first time in 40 years. The seine net fishing boat Rachel Douglas was built in 1947 for Tom and Jack Baxter Douglas of Seahouses.

However, it has been away since 1962 when it was sold to Peter and Ian Wilson at St Abbs. Now, the boat has been bought by Ted Smith, Peter Weightman and Gordon Brown and it is set to be refurbished.

Northumberland County Council was expected to plerdge its £300,000 commitment towards the proposed Belford Resource Centre yesterday.

25 years ago

It could be over 40 years before traffic volume dictates that there will be a need for dual carriageway on the A1 road north of Alnwick to the Scottish border.

Northumberland County Highways Committee stressed that there long term objective remains the same as the aim laid down in the Structure Plan, and that is to secure the upgrading of both the A1 and the A69 to provide continuous dual carriageway routes within Northumberland.

Mr Basil Arthur, the highways surveyor, said that the Department of Transport proposals represented a reasonable and realistic objective.

50 years ago

A definite go-ahead for the town’s swimming baths proposal was revealed on Tuesday by Councillor John Thompson, chairman of the Parks Committee.

Replying to criticism that they were going round in circles, he said they were very definite that they wanted to provide a modern building.

Two buildings have now been suggested as suitable for conversion, and if efforts in these directions fail, further efforts will then be made.

They decided, however, that the names of the two buildings should not be disclosed. The Parks Committee has given further consideration to suitable sites.

100 years ago

On Friday evening last, Craig Lumsden, the celebrated Scottish entertainer paid a visit to Chatton.

The village hall was crowded on the occasion. The large company testified by frequent applause their high appreciation of the varied items of the programme, especially of the violin recitals, which met with great applause.

Lord Joicey has been re-elected president of the natural history society of Northumberland. The Sheriff of Berwick, Mr Matthew Ross, has accepted the invitation of the Mayor to occupy the Shrievalty for a second term of office.

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