Lib Dems welcome unemployment drop

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Liberal Democrat candidate

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Figures released today showing a further drop in the number of unemployed people in the Berwick upon Tweed constituency have been welcomed by local Liberal Democrats Sir Alan Beith MP and Julie Pörksen.

This follows on from yesterday’s announcement that the UP inflation rate dropped to 1.6% in March.

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Alan said: “I am very pleased to hear that people are finding work and the figures for the Berwick upon Tweed constituency are very encouraging, with just 3.3% of people aged 16-64 unemployed. The latest figures show that in the Berwick constituency, unemployment is continuing to fall. The main aim must be to continue to help employers provide work, and the Government is helping through initiatives such as the £2000 cut in employers’ national insurance from April 2014 which makes it cost less to employ someone.

“Coupled with the continuing low rate of inflation, the gap between average wage growth and the rise in prices has continued to narrow. This means people will be able to buy more with their wages. The continued stability of fuel prices has contributed to the falling inflation rate and is good news for drivers and businesses in rural areas like ours.”

Liberal Democrat campaigner Julie Pörksen added: “The decrease in the inflation rate is evidence that the economy is finally starting to turn around thanks to the Coalition Government’s strategy. However, there is a still a lot of work to be done to ensure a fair and sustainable recovery and to make sure businesses which have created jobs and apprenticeships are sustainable.

“With nearly 3,000 apprenticeships created across the Berwick constituency since the General Election, opportunities for people are growing and the rise in the number of people in work is further evidence of that growth.”

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