Lib Dems emphasise road safety on the A1

Kate Cairns and Julie P�rksen

Kate Cairns and Julie P�rksen

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Northumbrian Lib Dem campaigners Julie Pörksen and Kate Cairns are raising awareness of road safety on the A1 during Road Safety Week.

Ms Pörksen, who has been working with local Road Safety Campaigner Kate Cairns, has written to ministers at the department for transport to encourage them to take swift action on developing a safe dualled A1 to Scotland.

She raised the specific road safety concern that as well as drivers, vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians must be catered for in the existing dualled sections of the A1 and in plans for dualling the rest.

Ms Pörksen said: “The A1 is not only a key strategic route for HGVs and cars travelling to Scotland, it is also a local road for local traffic and the safety of local users including pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers and tractor drivers must be included in the plans.

“Safety for drivers should be increased when the A1 is dualled and I want to ensure the safety of all users is built into the plans for the new road layout.”

Northumbrian road safety campaigner Kate Cairns added: “I am pleased that Julie has raised the issue of road safety of all road users with the Department for Transport, dualling the A1 will improve connectivity, efficiency and access benefiting residents, tourists and businesses using all forms of transport.”

Ms Pörksen recently attended the A1 stakeholder group meeting, where civil servants responded to Julie’s questions to confirm that there is current data on the Morpeth to Felton and Mousen Bends sections which were ready to be dualled before the investment was cancelled during the last Government.

She added: “During Road Safety Week I also reminded the department for transport that they can take action now, the previously prioritised Mousen Bends and Morpeth-Felton stretches could be approved immediately given that they have the information they need to take a decision and there is no question of the frustration and risk to safety faced by those using these parts of the A1.”

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