Less household waste is being taken to landfill

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The amount of household waste generated over the last five years in Northumberland has dropped by 120kg per household.

The reduction, the equivalent of six fewer waste bins having to be emptied per household, has helped Northumberland County Council increase its recycling and composting performance by 1.3% and reduce municipal waste disposed of to landfill by around 50%.

The report also reveals that the overall cost of waste services per household in 2012/13 was £145.

Paul Jones, head of waste management, said: “Given the good recycling rate, high landfill diversion performance and high user satisfaction ratings being achieved, it is considered that this represents good value for money.”

He added: “The council has been successful in maintaining and/or improving the performance of its waste services through innovative productivity and efficiency measures, improved awareness raising and increased trading activity whilst also making significant budgetary reductions.”

He believes incremental improvements can be made through marketing, refinement of collection routes and expanding the range of materials that can be recycled. However, the recycling and composting rate of around 40% is unlikely to improve without significant investment in recycling services.

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