Kids rescued from rocks

Berwick Lifeboat. RNLI.

Berwick Lifeboat. RNLI.

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Berwick RNLI has urged children to stay safe over the summer holidays after being called to rescue a trio in difficulty.

HM Coastguard requested the launch of Berwick lifeboats on Thursday at 3.52pm after receiving a call that three children were in difficulties on the rocks at Berwick beach.

Fortunately though some adults passing by spotted them and rescued them before the lifeboats arrived.

Hazel Bettison of Berwick RNLI said: “As the school summer holidays start we want everyone to be safe on the water and at the beach so want to remind children of the seaside SAFE code: S- spot the dangers, A- always go with a friend, F- find and follow the safety signs and flags, E- Emergency? Put up your hand and shout or ring 999/112 and ask for the Coastguard.

“From Berwick and all our lifeboat stations around the UK & ROI we wish you a happy holiday but remember stay safe!”

Some more RNLI top tips: Getting burnt is no fun at all so remember the sun cream, wear a T-shirt and slap on a hat; always lookout for underwater hazards, you never know what might be lying beneath the surface; beware of the dangers of inflatables - they are great fun in a swimming pool but are very dangerous in the sea as they can easily blow you offshore; be aware of cold-water shock any water below 15̊c is classed as cold water, seas around the UK are on average 12̊c!

Berwick RNLI ‘s annual fete is on Sunday, July 27 at Carr Rock.

There will be sea safety demonstrations plus lots of stalls and entertainment for a great family fun day out.

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