Information centre to stay in Marygate

Berwick Tourist Information.

Berwick Tourist Information.

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BERWICK Chamber of Trade has been assured that the tourist information office in Marygate will not be closing, nor will it be on the move.

The Chamber is now led by chairman John Haswell and a hard-working committee.

One of its members, John Gardiner, said they had great faith in the work of the information centre.

“We are aware of the efforts they put in and the enthusiasm shown for this town,” he said.

“Rumours have been circulating that it is to close or that it will be moved into the library, but we have been told this is not the case.

He added: “The centre is a busy place and Marygate is an ideal site for it.”

Northumberland Tourism has this week launched a new campaign to attract visitors and believe it will bring in substantial investment, adverts in national newspapers and online will run until the end of March.

The county council, which has welcomed the campaign, also confirmed the Berwick Centre would not be relocating.

Stacey Burlet, head of customer services, said she was aware of ‘information circulating among businesses in the town’.

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