‘Hard work’ is key to long life, says 100-year-old

Edith Hope celebrating her 100th birthday at Tweed View House

Edith Hope celebrating her 100th birthday at Tweed View House

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There was a great buzz around Tweedmouth House as residents gathered in the lounge to celebrate the 100th birthday of Edna Hope.

Joined by son David and daughter-in-law Barbara, Edna was surrounded by cards, flowers and presents before opening her telegram from the Queen last Wednesday.

“I don’t know where I’m going to put all of my cards,” she said, “but I’m looking forward to reading them all properly later.”

Edna grew up in Hartlepool as the oldest of nine siblings and worked from the age of 14, mainly as a housemaid and housekeeper, with most of her time spent with the McDonald family in the ‘posh end’ of Glasgow.

But after retiring, she continued to live in Scotland before moving to Belford to be closer to her family after the passing of her late husband Jim.

Son David, 71, said: “I moved to Belford in 1992 and around 15 years ago, with my mum in her 80s, it was decided that we’d move her into the village as well so she could be closer to the family.

“She’s very bright for her age and with her working from the age of 14, it’s fair to say she’s had quite a hard life.”

Edna has been a resident of Tweedmouth House since October 2009 and was presented with a bouquet of flowers from Mayor Isabel Hunter and some more from staff to celebrate the landmark occasion.

Kathryn Hartley, activities coordinator, said: “This is the first 100th party we’ve actually held in here but we’ve tried to keep it fairly low-key with a bit of live music and some food.

“Edna’s a right character with some great memories of her past. She’s looked forward to this day for a while and it looks like she’s really enjoyed herself, she seems to have loved all the attention.”

After posing for pictures with David and Barbara, Edna reveals the secret to her longevity.

“Hard work and having a loving family around me,” she said.

“Also, I’ve always been a very happy person because there’s no point in being miserable!”

And reflecting on the day’s events, Edna is thankful for her family and also the staff at Tweedmouth House.

She said: “I’ve had a lovely day. Everyone’s been so kind and my family have been so good to me.

“The staff couldn’t have been kinder as well and we’ve all had a wonderful day.”

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