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A local recycling group which was set up to give things away rather than send them to landfill is celebrating its fourth birthday.

During that time over 400 members of Seahouses and Alnwick Freegle have given away hundreds of items including vacuum cleaners, cookers, TVs, beds and children’s clothes.

Some of the stranger offers were a Braille machine, a model aircraft radio control outfit, a nebuliser and a plasma ball. All went to new homes.

Freegle’s aims are to reduce waste by re-using things, to save resources and ease the burden on landfills by ‘gifting them’ free of charge to other members rather than throwing them away. Members can also request specific unwanted items, in the past month these reflected the spring season with members looking for garden items, a bike, dive bottle and a fishing reel.

Seahouses and Alnwick Freegle gives local individuals, businesses, and organisations like charities, schools or community groups a way to “recycle” unwanted household, office and other items, using an internet forum.

One of the organisers said: “People initially can’t believe the goods are being given away free of charge, then they don’t think there will be anything that they want, but it’s very seldom people don’t find something they want to take home.

If you live in the Belford, Seahouses or Alnwick area, have something that you think might be useful to somebody else and want to create space by giving it away for free, join the over 400 existing local members and go to to find out more.

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