‘Get Going’ to access transport funding

County Hall, Morpeth, headquarters for Northumberland County Council.

County Hall, Morpeth, headquarters for Northumberland County Council.

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Communities across Northumberland have another chance to get funding for sustained transport.

The ‘Get Going’ fund is open to those communities who think there is an opportunity for a sustained alternative to the loss of bus services or where a new demand has been identified.

‘Get Going’ could assist communities, for example, where the existing public transport is not physically accessible, does not operate to the desired destination or at suitable times, or on the right days.

The fund can pay for such costs as setting up a travel club to organise group travel for local travel needs, providing volunteer training and help to pilot a local community bus service.

This is central government funding, administered by Northumberland County Council. ‘ Get Going’ is open to Northumberland-based community transport and taxi operators to work in partnership with constituted voluntary or community sector organisations and parish or town councils.

Contact Jan Chisholm, community transport officer, on 01670 624087 or email Jan.chisholm @northumberland.gov.uk. See the council’s webpage for application details and further information.

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