Freemen trustees plan gets all clear

Land between Morrisons and Castle Terrace is earmarked for housing

Land between Morrisons and Castle Terrace is earmarked for housing

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Berwick Town Council has made no objections to a change in planning conditions which could improve hopes of developing land between Morrisons and Castle Terrace for housing.

An application has been lodged by Berwick Corporation (Freeman Trustees) for changes to the conditions that accompanied outline planning permission for the scheme at West Hope in 2009.

The outline permission includes a requirement for the developers to draw up a fully dimensioned layout plan which requires approval from Northumberland County Council.

But the trustees say this places an undue financial burden on the developer in the current housing market.

Their application states: “The site is envisaged to provide between 240 and 250 houses and developed in phases over a number of years.

“Unfortunately economic circumstances affecting housebuilding throughout the country has resulted in a longer development timescale than envisaged when the application was submitted.

“To comply with Condition 12 as currently written will place an undue financial burden on the development of the site and over the years the layout plan is likely to change according to circumstances prevalent at times in the future.

“It is extremely costly to produce a full layout plan at the outset of development and much of the work could prove abortive over time.”

Instead, the trustees have suggested a requirement for an overall schematic layout to be produced with each phase of the development.

A final decision will be taken by Northumberland County Council’s planning department.

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