Freemen submit plans for 10 new homes in Berwick

Aerial view from South West

Aerial view from South West

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Ten new homes could be built on a greenfield site near Berwick Travelodge after plans were lodged by the town’s freemen trustees.

The application, which includes plans for three affordable homes, is to develop a parcel of land to the west of Meadow Grange.

The reserved matters application is phase one of what could become a much bigger scheme on fields between Morrisons and The Grange.

However, the indicative drawings for three-bedroom homes have met with objections from potential neighbours on Douglas Close.

Gilbert and Patricia Ronald said: “This first stage of the proposed development will be two to three times denser than the existing properties and the houses being built from the Castle Terrace end of the field. I feel this is not in keeping with this area.”

They also expressed concerns that trees protecting their home from the noise and lights associated with McDonalds and the Travelodge would be cut down to make way for the new homes. “These trees were part of the original planning agreement with the Freemen before Safeway etc was built,” they said.

“We now suffer from the loss of tree protection as 
a result of Morrisons’ expansion and would not like 
to see this compounded by further felling.”

Another resident added: “This land is immediately behind our houses in Douglas Place and looking at the type of houses that are planning to built they would be nothing but an eyesore.

“Douglas Place is a very quiet and respectable cul-de-sac comprising 12 detached properties with lovely gardens and trees. The proposed lay-out and types of houses to be built are not in keeping with this area.

“If this land has to be sacrificed for building houses then better and more desirable ones would be more in keeping with this area.”

The highways department has also raised concerns that the layout does not take into account a requirement to provide a local distributor road and bus service link between Castle Terrace and Countess of Buchan Way.

Officers also say it does not conform to highway adoptable standards and has inadequate turning facilities in the cul-de-sac.

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