Ford Parish Council hears windfall ideas

SBBA Barmoor wind farm

SBBA Barmoor wind farm

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Ford Parish Council has been urging residents to come up with ideas on how to spend the windfall from the Barmoor wind farm site.

Members of the public were urged to make their suggestions at last night’s inaugural annual parish meeting at Lady Waterford Hall, Ford.

The community is likely to receive a ‘windfall’ of around £60,000.

Already, there has been a suggestion made to the parish council that some of the community fund money go towards a redevelopment of the top floor of Ford School, which is currently used as a flat.

Ford School has already made a request that construction traffic into the wind farm site be restricted, a request that has not yet received an answer.

Dr Alan Holmes, who stood down as chairman of the council at the council’s AGM, also held last night, said that the annual meeting was designed to further interaction between the council and parishioners.

“This is the chance to make your voice heard,” he said.

But attendees heard that the same level of cooperation is not evident in the dealings between Ford Parish Council and Northumberland County Council (NCC).

The disagreement centres on the way that NCC has handled its cost cutting decisions.

As chairman at the time, Dr Holmes represented Ford at a North Area meeting where he raised the issue of cuts to funds for providing public toilets. Similar complaints were heard from other local villages, including Norham.

Describing NCC’s response, Dr Holmes said: “We received a letter from Grant Davey, Northumberland County Council leader, which bluntly stated that the council has to make cuts.

“But I was personally disappointed.

“It did not address or answer any of the points that we had raised.

“In fact, the council went and broke its own charter in relation to the way it communicates with parish councils.

“There was absolutely no consultation or discussion.”

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