Fake speed camera built to slow drivers down in Wark

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A Wark resident has built a unique garden ornament that doubles as a speeding deterrent to passing drivers.

Alan Hughes, former vicar of Berwick, hopes the art installation will help police in their efforts to curb speeding.

He said: “Some people install ornaments in their garden, gnomes, windmills and the like. I have created an art installation, inspired by speed cameras.

“I hope that drivers will see it smile and moderate their speed for the safety and security of all, including their financial security.

“Northumbria Police recently explained their speed camera strategy through The Berwick Advertiser. Their large white Camera van is often parked near to my home at Wark, in a layby at the central point, where it is difficult for vehicles to see oncoming traffic at the slight bend in the road.

“I would not wish to see another driver issued with a summons for speeding but have begged the parish and county council for some means to remind drivers of the 30mph speed limit. Perhaps by a solar powered ‘smiling face’ unit.

“Wark is much larger than it appears to the casual driver, with most of the homes off the main road. The road has six vehicular roads feeding onto it, cars, cycles and pedestrians, including children. Speeds of over 50mph have been recorded.

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