Electricity work for village

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Works to upgrade the electricity supply in Horncliffe are due to start soon.

Gerard Higgins of SPIE and Teresa Parmenter of Scottish Power told Horncliffe Parish Council that they are changing the poles and the overhead cables as the current supply is susceptible to faults and are not up to EU standard as the cables are not insulated.

Ms Parmenter said the new supply would provide a better service and the cables will be insulated which means the cables can be touched safely. It is their intention that residents will only lose supply once during the works.

Mr Higgins informed the meeting that the new supply will be more reliable and safer and said they had been in contact with Northumberland County Council who may use the opportunity to upgrade the street lights at the same time.

The works could be completed within six weeks. If there were no objections it was hoped to start before September.

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