Electric shock victim gives thanks to air ambulance

Ivan Laidler

Ivan Laidler

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A roofer who was left hanging unconscious after a 480 volt electric shock surged through his body has helped raise money for the charity that flew to his aid.

Ivan Laidler, 54, was thrown from a roof in Rennington, by a power surge 15 years ago. Only his harness saved him from plunging to the ground.

The Alnwick builder was flown to Wansbeck General Hospital by the Great North Air Ambulance Service in a move which saved time, and possibly his life.

He said: “My heart was racing so much I could have had a stroke and I needed to get to a hospital quickly.

“It’s an excellent service. Although I was not badly injured, I could have been, so it was important the service was there.

“I was told by the electricity board that 99.7 per cent of people either die or are badly injured when they suffer the same shock as me, but I am one of the very lucky 0.3 per cent.”

Old cladding round cables had worn away, leaving live wires exposed. When Mr Laidler touched them, the electricity raged through his body.

Remarkably, despite the massive voltage, Mr Laidler escaped with minor injuries, including the two red marks where the charge entered and left his body. The Federation of Master Builders raised £350 for the charity at a darts and dominoes evening.

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