Eight more Freemen of Berwick

Freedom Ceremony at Berwick Town Hall.

Freedom Ceremony at Berwick Town Hall.

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EIGHT applicants were the most recent recipients of the title Freemen of Berwick-Upon-Tweed at a ceremony held in the Town Hall this week.

Elinor Mary McNab, Dorothy Anne Easton, Paula Marie Weatherburn and Rebecca Mary Welton were presented with the honour by the town’s Mayor, Councillor John Robertson.

They were joined in receiving the honour by Christopher Iain McCall, Mark Elless McCall, Jamie Lyall Welton and David Alexander Kerr.

Co-ordinating the ceremony were (front row, left to right): Capt. James Evans (Chairman of the Guild); Mr Paul Morgan (Halberdier); Mr Robbie Dalgleish (Sheriff); Mr John Robertson (Mayor); Ms Joyce Benton (Sergeant-at-Mace); and Ms Sue Finch (Town Clerk).

The next freedom ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 15 , 2013.

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