Dog attacks continue

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Dog owners have been 
reminded of their responsibilities around others’ pets ahead of the expected warmer weather, following an incident on a local beach.

A Highcliffe resident has described how her dog was attacked recently on the beach at Cocklawburn.

Annmarie Mullen said she was walking her dog Daisy, a nine-year-old rescue greyhound, on the beach last Monday when a pair of dogs knocked her over and attacked her

“A boxer and another breed which I’m unsure of came bounding over and attacked my dog.

“They seemed similar to the dogs I’d heard of in attacks at Cocklawburn and other places recently,” she said.

“Luckily she came out with no injuries but she was shook up as you’d expect.

She continued: “The guy had a few dogs and kids with him so had no control of the dogs. I just thought I would let people know to be careful if they’re out at Cocklawburn with their dogs.”

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